Soar like and Eagle

Mayan Messages

SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE  “In order to soar like an eagle, you must leave the nest. Like the eagle, you must first be fed by your mama. This is like receiving information from other sources such as books, videos and conversations with those who feed your information to help you grow. Just as an eaglet sheds its baby feathers, so must humans shed their fears in order to be able to fly. Each feather is similar to shedding an old belief code or negative thoughtform.

As negative belief codes are shed, allowing you to be more in your integrity and to speak your truth, the freer you become. Like the eagle, you can soar higher and higher, playing with the thermals and keeping a sharp eye out for your next meal; living in the moment, flowing with life while taking care of your basic needs.

As you mature, it is…

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