Turn on your heart light: Day 251, Chuen 4

Mayan Messages

TURN ON YOUR HEART LIGHT “Practice each moment living the life of an Avatar until you become one. Each of you has the ability to do so. However, many are blocked due to old belief codes and behaviors. Look deep within yourself every day, having the courage to face the shadows within you. Shine your light on them by accepting what happens and releasing any low-level energies associated with them.

When you turn a light switch on, darkness is eliminated. When you turn the light switch off, the darkness returns. It is the same within your electrical system. You cannot have both the dark and the light running at the same time. Your circuitry is designed to let light flow through every cell of your body. When you focus on the darkness inside yourself and others, you attract more of that energy to you.

If you wish to have a…

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