Receiving Gifts, Day 214, Ix 6

Mayan Messages

RECEIVING GIFTS, Day 214“Continuing with yesterday’s theme of abundance, we would like to briefly address the topic of receiving gifts, both physical and nonphysical. There is much talk in the world about feeling worthy to receive gifts, those who give must also be open to receiving. There is truth in this belief, for in all things there are cycles.

This cycle also occurs in other Dimensions. For there to be a balanced flow, one must give what he receives and receive what he is gifted. When a person or soul is blocked to either giving or receiving, an imbalance occurs in the energetic field. This happens because blocking the flow of love is a result of fear.

To get past these things and to open the flow of abundance, take time to go within and seek the things that caused you to block the flow in the first place. Scrutinize…

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