PsyKids, Day 200, Ahau 5

Mayan Messages

PsyKids “When children are born into families and societies with deep spiritual roots connected to Source and Nature, their chances of retaining the remembrance of their spiritual roots is exponentially increased. They know they are valuable and have a purpose to serve. They often are able to commune with those on the Other Side as well as those in the physical Realm who know how to communicate telepathically on the grid.

These children are your teachers. These children will lead you out of the box if you allow them to. The basic reason most have come to Earth is to show the way of kindness and unconditional love. These children will soon grow to be our leaders. You on Earth have the ability at this time to take an evolutionary leap that has never happened on Earth or anywhere else in physical creation.

To learn more about these children, scroll…

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