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20131002-134851.jpgThis is not something I often quote from, but I was viewing a few of the comments on recent GaiaPortals and noticed this one here, from Georgi Stankov and company (StankovUniversalLaw.com).

Here’s what hit…

[Georgi] “The US is now officially bankrupt as the budget was blocked by Congress and has to shut down the government and even the military. The debt ceiling seems to have been surpassed already and this would mean official state default for the first time in the history of mankind. It is unlikely that there will be any war under these circumstances on the part of the USA and this leads me to the conclusion, which I made independently of this political fact, that we might have already trespassed the threshold of the new earth, slowly but steadily after the glorious victory over the dark archons during the equinox portal

[Carla/Elohim] “Great…

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