Sananda/Jesus On Reptilians, Avoiding Nuclear Holocaust, And Your Higher Self

SANANDA ESU IMMANUEL (aka 'Jesus' from the bible)

Chapter Fifteen, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus


Posted on September 11, 2013 at 1:40 AM

The best is yet to come, Dearest Ones. Some of you have become jaded, unable to receive these messages of hope because you have seen so much destruction and pain in your lives. You find it hard to believe that things can really change radically within the space of your lifetime, much less within this year. It is understandable, because as human beings you have a way of looking to the past for images of your future. When I give you information about the good times to come, you scoff and point to the news reports of conflict in the world. But I assure you, those news reports are focusing on the dwindling number of conflicts while avoiding discussion of the massive changes that are taking place.

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