Weekly Meditation 600 by Ashtar

Lord Ashtar
To Begin Monday, August 26, 2013

EarthAscensionGreetings, Ashtar here with you once again! In your last meditation you
addressed both the electromagnetic grid of earth as well as the mass-consciousness grid. For your next meditation you are being asked to focus on three other grids, sending them the Balancing Power of Love to aid in the integration of the new codes which have just been released. For the first five minutes of this meditation you are asked to send the Energy of Love to the Plant Kingdom of Earth.

For the second five minutes, you are to send to the Mineral Kingdom, and…

For the third five minutes you are to send to the Animal Kingdom.

All of your earth kingdoms have received their new templates, and it is this
infusion of Love that will hasten their integration of these new codes.

We are adding another five minute segment to this meditation, that you might
also send the Healing and Balancing Power of Love to the humans upon your
planet, for you are undergoing perhaps the greatest challenges of any of the
other earth kingdoms. We are in full understanding that these downloads of
energy are sometimes quite uncomfortable within your physical body, but we want
to assure you that it will not be for long and that it will be well worth it.

You are dearly loved and honored. I AM Ashtar.


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