Weekly Meditation 599 by AA Michael


Archangel Michael
To Begin Monday, August 19, 2013

Michael-bovenGreetings, my Warrior Eagles! I AM Archangel Michael, God’s Messenger of Truth and Grace; and it is Grace that we are asking you to focus on in your next meditation, for that is the Energy we will harvest during your upcoming full-moon cycle. This, of course, is to insure that the integration of your New Earth templates manifests with ease in all of the earth grids. Some of your
grids are more prone to what you may perceive as `upset’ than is other grids, therefore we will focus on those in greatest need first. And I am being asked to remind you to perform the steps within your protocol directive before beginning.

The first steps in this meditation may seem a little tricky for some of you, so
please read carefully, as you are working with three different grids within the
first five-minute visualization. [earth/moon grid, Crystalline Grid, and
electromagnetic grid]

For the first five minutes of this meditation we ask that the Eagles first state
two intentions: (1) to connect to your planet’s moon, and also (2) to connect to
the Crystalline Grid. You are to then visualize the Blue Energies of Grace going
into the electromagnetic grid that surrounds Gaia.

For the second five minutes you are asked to send and visualize that same Blue
Energy of Grace swirling through the mass-consciousness grid of Earth humanity.

For the last five minutes you are asked to send Grace to the body of Gaia, which
will help her further anchor into her fifth dimensional state of being.

Keep up the good work, my friends, and Grace be with you! I AM Michael.


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