Weekly Meditation 598 by Ashtar

Lord Ashtar
To Begin Monday, August 5, 2013

EarthAscensionGreetings, my brother and sisters, it is I, Ashtar, with you once again to bring you what might be considered part two of the meditation you have been doing in your past week. For there has now been a Pathway of Love spread throughout the Earthly kingdoms in preparation for the energies that are to come through the stargate opening beginning in mid-week and continuing on for several days after that. Due to the great importance of this meditation we are asking the Eagles to do it for two of your weeks, rather than the one week that is our normal practice.

The opening of this stargate, which you call the Lion’s Gate, is allowing the
entry of the New Earth templates and the codes that they carry. These will be
encoded into the new Crystalline Grid and then dispersed from there into the
grids connecting all kingdoms on your planet, and we are asking the Eagles to be
the conduits of Love for these energies to flow out through the Pathways of Love
that you have just co-created in your last meditation. Before beginning, you
are reminded to perform your protocol alignments, and then proceed thusly:

You are asked to state your intent to connect in consciousness to the
Crystalline Grid now surrounding and interpenetrating your planet. Then you are
to state your intent to be connected to the stargate energies. It is not
necessary that you visualize `location’ of origin for these energies; simply
state your intent to align and connect to the energies coming through it, and it
will be so. Please spend the first five minutes of this meditation allowing
these energies to align within your heart space and integrate within the
Crystalline Grid.

For the second five minutes you are asked to send these energies, surrounded by
the energy of Love, to the Human Grid on your planet.

For the third five minutes you are asked to focus on sending these energies to
the other non-human beings on Earth; all the kingdoms of land animals, plants,
and marine life.

And we are asking an additional five minutes onto this meditation, in which you
then send these energies to the heart of your Mother Earth.

These, my brothers and sisters, are the energies and templates to bring about
all the changes you have so longed for: a perfected physicality and changes in
your DNA which will restore the Original Plan for Earth and all her inhabitants.
And so it is. I AM Ashtar.


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