Use Time Wisely: Day 119, Cauac 2

Mayan Messages

USE TIME WISELY “Are you putting your needs first or exhausting yourself to take care of the needs of others? Do you ask for help when you are bogged down? Do you put off responding to things that need immediate attention? Do you take time to resolve issues as they arise? Go within daily and make these issues a priority before they fester and become burdensome. Speak your truth, refresh yourself daily and give up the need to “save” others and the world. Discover your priorities and arrange your schedule to fit what’s important in your lifestyle. Begin to filter out relationships and events that drain your energy and expend your time. Pay attention to your idle words and what you do with your recreational time, for both have a huge impact on the world. Say “no” to the things that weigh you down.” To read the rest of this…

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