Awash in Disinformation about NESARA

Bryan Hall's "Awakening Revolution"

a MUST-READ by Steve Beckow, Editor of Golden Age of Gaia … Reblogged from Golden Age of Gaia, With Love …

NESARA-44I reproduce a column here posted in Dinar Recaps. Perhaps allow me to make a few comments prior to it. 

I find it very difficult to communicate what’s so about NESARA or any of the things we talk about here to people who hear it as fanciful, beyond belief, etc.

There isn’t an aspect of it that can be talked about without leaving paradigms like empirical materialism far behind. If only what can be seen and heard is real, then this blog may as well shut its doors and its editors go home.

And I find it very difficult to accept that people can interpret discussions of 9/11, NESARA, etc., as conspiracy and discussions of new governments as traitorous when the real conspiracies would have ground them down…

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  1. BH says:

    Thanks for reblogging! Much love to you! ❤

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