Failure is neither an option nor a possibility

Jesus through John

These final moments before your awakening are extremely trying and tiring for you because it seems that you have been waiting for eons – and in a way you have – even though it has been but a moment, and yet the waiting continues!  We, your guides and mentors in the spiritual realms, are with you to assist in assuaging your doubts and anxieties and to raise your spirits.  And to remind you, as you truly do know, that the divine plan – in which each of you has an essential part to play, an essential duty to perform that no one else can do instead of you – is perfectly on schedule for the unfoldment of humanity’s grand and illustrious awakening.  Keep carrying your Light enthusiastically on high for all to see, because doing so not only uplifts and encourages others, but it also strengthens your own faith, your…

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