Steve Beckow: Waking Up is Hard to Do

Karma Yoga Daily

Written by Steve Beckow

Lion 22Waking up to something, whether as small as a behavior pattern or as large as a role in life, can often be a difficult matter.

Psychologist John Enright used to say that “being wrong is to the ego what death is to the body: it is ego-death to be wrong.” (1) And waking up can often look as if it will involve us being or seeing ourselves as “wrong.”

We may find ourselves in the position of looking as if we’ve been wrong for a very long time, which no one likes, but the sooner we cough up the truth, the sooner we stop continuing to be and look wrong, so to speak.

Werner used to share how even rats were smarter than we are. They learn not to keep going down a tunnel with no cheese. But we go down the same tunnel with no…

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