Week Meditation 595: Ashtar

Lord Ashtar
To Begin Monday, July 15, 2013

ASHTAR_AQGreetings; Ashtar here! There are grids and then there are grids, and yet still other grids. The Eagles have been asked to work with many of them; others are maintained by beings in other dimensions of time/space whose mission it is to oversee the balance of specific earth grids. As we have stated previously many
times, you, our groundcrew, have volunteered to partner with us in this endeavor. For your next meditation you are being asked to once again work with the energy of Divine Love to aid in the Balancing and Healing of some of the specific grids to which you, as earth humans, are attached. And the energies of one grid affect the energies of many other grids, thus even the calibration of one grid radiates or dominoes into other grids.

Your sun has been extremely active over the course of your past several weeks,
which has, of course, had an effect on the planet, which in turn has had an
effect on her lifeforms. So you are being asked to begin your meditation by
first sending, through your intent, the energy of Love to your sun, not to stop
the solar flares but to calm them and bring a Balance which will also bring more
Balance to the earth and thus to your own beings.

For the next portion of this meditation you are asked to send Love to the
electromagnetic grid that surrounds your planet. Although your scientists and
so-called `experts’ have not caught onto this fact, the imbalance in this grid
has had an effect on how electronics operate in your realm; electronics which
operate, for instance, your modes of transportation, such as airplanes, trains,
automobiles, etc. Getting the picture?

For the last five minutes of this meditation you are asked to send the energy of
Love, once again, to the animal kingdoms of earth; for although their specific
matrices have been recalibrated to the new grid system, they, like yourselves,
are still in need of assistance in the adjustments they are going through. They
are on earth, as you are, for the earth herself, but they are also there as
support for earth mankind; it is time now for you to be there for them.

I am Ashtar, who is always there for YOU. Salut!


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