Joshua, the Big Moment is upon you

JoshuaDear Children of Light this is Joshua speaking from the realm of our Father. The time for the Love and Light to shine in its full glory is NOW. Change is inevitable and you are all ready to accept that there’s no going back anymore. Although it seems that the dark is still playing a big role, it’s like a chicken without a head that’s still able to walk some last minutes.

The energies that are sent to you at this present moment are cleansing your last parts. Yes, in fact you are already fully integrated with your Higher Self. Just like the chicken without the head, your lower parts are walking their final round. So be prepared and know that you are the solid ground on which the New Earth will be built. Be yourself, and by doing that, be the TRUST for others. Cause due to you they are able to see that everything that is happening is for the good of All. Be blessed,

Your Joshua

Channeling by SanLeoSol

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2 Responses to Joshua, the Big Moment is upon you

  1. Dr. Sohini Shukla. says:

    Dear SanLeoSol,
    Trust for the innerself when comes then we can trust others also…….but not always….But one thing is certain that what is happening now is good for all of us weather it can be a vast destruction…!!!
    Dr. Sohini Shukla.

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