I AM the Big Shift

EarthAscensionAlthough I have a strong belief that the Big Shift will happen very soon. By this I mean a particular moment in time that whole humanity will be overwhelmed by the Light and there’s no possibility of denial of the change we’re all part of. I have also to be aware that nothing is more important than to be in the NOW. When I think too much about the Shift as an external event I forget that the biggest shift is happening inside me. I can’t deny my own changes anymore. All the energies that purge through my body, the uplifting moments of pure consciousness, the help from Masters, the Angelic realm and not the least from fellow Lightworkers online and in my personal life et cetera.

So what I keep doing is take a lot of rest, heal myself when I can and meditate a lot. The following description of God, taken from the inspiring book Autobiography of Yogi (Paramhansa Yogananda), helps me to realise my own Godliness: “God the Father is the Absolute, unmanifested, existing beyond vibratory creation. God the Son is the Christ Consciousness (Brahma) existing within vibratory creation; this Christ Consciousness is the ‘only begotten’ ore sole reflection of the Uncreated Infinite. It’s outward manifestation or ‘witness’ is AUM or Holy Ghost, the divine, creative invisible power that structures all creation through creation. AUM the Blissful Comforter is heard in meditation and reveals the devotee the ultimate TRUTH.” This knowing gives me comfort in my tiredness and waiting for the big moment.  It – for me personal – proves that I AM and WE ARE the biggest shift of all. Namasté,


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