Week Meditation #594 by Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael
To Begin Monday, July 8, 2013

raphael5This is my first time to address this group and I am truly honored to do so. I am Raphael, Archangel of Healing. You may have heard of me, yes? That is just my way of joking with you, for many of you call upon me, and now I have been called upon by Ashtar to bring to you your next meditation for healing the grids of Earth. And we are asking you to visualize and use my clear, emerald green energy for this purpose. This in no way is superior to the energy of Love for healing, it is simply `in addition to’. I have also been advised to `keep
it short’, so without further adieu let us begin.

For your first five minutes, you will be working with the mass-consciousness
grid of Earth mankind. Please call to me to fill your heart space with my green
healing energy. Then you are asked to project this energy from your heart into
the mass-consciousness grid, visualizing perhaps a vibrant emerald green
coursing through it, healing the minds and the thoughtforms of Earth mankind.

For the next five minutes let us send my energies to the physical containers of
all human life on Earth, giving perhaps not an immediate physical healing (or
perhaps it will) to your bodies that have been so polluted by the manmade
poisons enabled on your planet and so stressed and compromised by what you call
the ascension energies you are now experiencing as you transform from a
carbon-based to a crystalline-based entity. So my energies will most certainly
bring a little more comfort to humankind.

For the last five minutes, you are asked to send my emerald green healing
energies to the body of Gaia, your Earth Mother. It is restoration time, my dear
brothers and sisters!

We understand and acknowledge the fact that rising through the dimensions so
rapidly is sometimes hard on the physical body as well as the mental and
emotional bodies, so it is our intent through this meditation to bring a bit of
comfort and grace to bear on that situation. And we are ALWAYS available to you
for this service. Call upon me and I come. I am Archangel Raphael. Good day.


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