Living Consciously

VioletFlame_Sm1There used to be a magazine in the Sedona area (I don’t think it’s still in publication) called `Conscious Living’. The woman who owned the magazine also ran a resort, which we used several times when conducting rebirthings for people. And it’s the name of her magazine that I would like to talk about.

What does `conscious living’ mean to you? To me, it means being `aware’ of everything you do, of being `aware’ of everything going on around you in each of your NOW moments. It also means `remembering; to do those things we have been taught to do in our daily lives by the Masters and Angels. And our memory is like a spiritual muscle; the more we use it, the stronger it becomes. In other words, if we don’t put into practice what we have been taught, then what good is it for us to have been told these things?

Topics constantly come up, of “Why am I feeling so heavy and dense?” or “How can I get rid of hitchhikers within my auric field?” “Why do I hurt so much?” (are you drinking enough water to wash out the pockets of energy that cause pain?) or, better yet, “How do I prevent such-and-such? ” And, then, there’s always the concern some have about chemtrails, contaminated or GMO foods. Well, we’ve been given Gifts to deal with these things or, as you’ve probably heard, “There’s an app for that!” It all comes down to `living consciously’; and `remembering’; to use these gifts.

When we used to do rebirthings, Archangel Michael asked us facilitators to do a specific thing when we first entered the hot tub where the rebirthing was about to take place. This `thing’ he asked of us was, first, the spinning off of all energies within our auric field that were not conducive to a rebirthing and, second, to replace those energies with a field of protection and grace. The spinning `off’ was done three times to the left (counterclockwise) and the shield of protection was pulled around us by then spinning three times to the right (clockwise).

And it is the mantra Michael had us say that is one of the best `apps’ around for starting each new day. By `remembering’; to use it each morning you will strengthen not only your spiritual muscles but also notice a dramatic difference in how your day unfolds. Through the years I have expanded on the mantra Michael gave us as I find it covers more `territory’;. It states the following, calling on `Father’ God and then on Wisdom, one of the names by which our `Mother’ God has been known:

“Father within me, go before me this day, leading and clearing the way.”
“Let your Infinite Wisdom guide what I think, do, hear, feel, write and say.”

What more could you ask for than for God to go in front of you each day, clearing the energies and laying a pathway of Love for you to follow? And how better to live consciously than for our Mother God to guide all you think, do, hear, feel, write or say during your day?

But that’s only the beginning of living your day in a conscious manner. As I said, it takes `remembering’; to use the Gifts we have been given. Do you fret and worry about chemtrails? There’s an app for that! Ever hear of the Violet Flame? Do you remember to use it? How about if every time you see a chemtrails in the sky you say, “I call upon the Violet Flame to blaze, blaze, blaze through these chemtrails, transmuting all particles that are harmful to Earth and her many lifeforms, transforming them into particles of Love, that they may fall to earth as gentle rain.” Now, was that not simple?

The same applies to the food you eat. Ashtar has said that there is no such thing anymore as `organic’ foods because the water and soil themselves, that they grow in, is so polluted and contaminated. But we’ve been gifted with the power to change all that! Once again, call in the Violet Flame, or use the little prayer that Sananda once gave us: “In God I trust that what I’m about to eat will serve my body well, and what is not necessary for the nourishment of my body will pass through and I will not retain anything that no longer serves me.” It doesn’t matter which you use as long as you are `consciously’; and `intentionally&# 39; putting Light into what you eat. Transform your food!

This is but a couple of ways to `live consciously’;. There are many, many more but they all require hypervigilence and `remembering’; to do them. They require living in the NOW. So you are encouraged to start your day by calling in the Creator to lead and Wisdom to direct, then anytime you meet a challenge just remember…there’s an app for that! And first and foremost in consciously living…be in an attitude of gratitude for all things.

OK, Sam, it is done.

Love to your all,



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