A personal experience, beyond fear

1180Lion-at-Sunset-PostersThe last solar solstice was in my personal experience quite challenging. It gave me a full range of new energies, but it also awoke my old fears and doubts. After posting a channeling from Ashtar I got some negative reactions. In one of them I was accused to be one of his recruits, someone who’s helping him to accomplish his devilish plan to imprison humanity. I know it is a ridiculous statement, but at that moment it brought me out of balance. What am I doing? Do I know that what I’m doing is right? Am I on the right path? I really was challenged to investigate my belief system. Last Sunday I was at a friend’s place where we do our weekly mediation. Before the mediation I asked to clear up the situation. This is what I got through:

1) Be your own God: you are the centre of what you believe in, perceive and want to manifest on earth.

2) Think with your heart: by doing this you overcome the manic state of thinking; you centre yourself in Love and Oneness with all human beings.

3) See with one eye: by using your third eye as the centre of perception you overcome the concept of duality, it gives you the clarity of Oneness with the whole Universe.

I know these insights are far from ground breaking. At the same time they gave me the confirmation that I’m doing great and I’m walking the right path. By sharing I hope it brings you clarity too. For now,

In Love,

Daan (aka SanLeoSol)

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2 Responses to A personal experience, beyond fear

  1. Tourette says:

    Ja lieve Daan, het is misschien niet ‘groundbreaking’ maar wel heel belangrijk, juist in de eenvoudige boodschap: stay focussed on That ! Blijf alert op Wie je bent.
    Zoals Papaji altijd zo eenvoudig zei : “just Keep Quiet”
    In die stilte, van lichaam en geest ( mind) is er immers alleen Nu.
    Nu is altijd, is de grote Sat Chit Ananda ( Waarheid Bewustzijn Gelukzaligheid) die je bent.

    Als je van daar uit je leven hier, in de aardse manifestatie, leeft is het altijd zuiver en liefdevol omdat het direct uit de Bron voortkomt.


    Tourette OmKara

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