Week Medition: Lord Ashtar #592

Lord Ashtar
To Begin Monday, June 17, 2013
And Continue Through June 30, 2013

ashtar06Ahhh…the times they are a changing. Greetings, this is Ashtar! Change is definitely in the air, as you say, but most importantly in the heart, and your upcoming Solstice will, as is always the case, bring even more heart openings and codes of awakening into your collective consciousness. As you know, these energies are not downloaded on only one specific day that you have specified on your calendars, but rather over many of your days. For that reason we are asking the Eagles to continue with the following meditation for a period of two weeks, rather than your accustomed one week. And of course we will be working with the energy of Love, as that is the energy of Balance and Healing and which brings Grace for the integration of these energy downloads. Therefore, let us begin.

After completing your protocol directives and making sure you are firmly grounded to the Earth, you are asked to pull what we have termed the God Grid* firmly around your Being. You will remember we have suggested that you visualize this Grid as a net that encircles not only the planet but also all upon her.* The Source/God Grid: It is a Grid established by your conscious acknowledgment that `Something BIG’ is coming. You can’t quite describe it or put your finger on `what’ that `something’ is but you feel it throughout every cell of your Being. That `something’, that Energy, that you feel to be coming is, my friends, quite simply `Creator’ or `God’, however you wish to express it. And so it is this Source Grid or God Grid to which you are connected, and it is your conscious connection to this grid that helps ease the integration of its Energies into the mass consciousness of Earth humanity.

For the first five minutes of this meditation you are asked to send, through your intent to do so, the energy of Love to the planet, for this Solstice is a very important time for her as well as yourselves. For the second five minutes, you are to send Love to every life form upon and within your planet, neglecting not the sending of Love to those humans upon Earth which you have judged to be of the `dark agenda’, for it is the Power of Love that will turn the `dark’ to `Light’, is it not? Lastly, and very importantly, you are asked to spend the last five minutes of this meditation sending Love to yourself and to your Self, for being the magnificent Beings that you are and always have been; for being those brave Souls who ventured forth into the lower densities and are now bring the Earth and all her sentient lifeforms back into their rightful station. And so it is! I send my Love to each of you. I AM Ashtar. Adonai!

Source: http://sanandaseagles.com/

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One Response to Week Medition: Lord Ashtar #592

  1. irenealomar says:

    THIS I LOVE TO DO seeing the grid around the Mother Earth Gaia sophia seeing myself too in this loving the “darkness” as much as the LIGHT embracing the “dark” we ARE ALL ONE IN THE BRILLIANCE OF THE RADIANT SHINING ILLUMINATING GLORIOUS SHIMMERING ONE aDONAI

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