Message from Matthew 6-11-13…”Obama is Following Higher Guidance”

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matthew11This Matthew message touches on a few items of interest to many at this time. I would like to note here, that although many of Barack Obama’s actions may seem “off”, or “not necessarily for the highest”, I concur with Matthew’s message that there are Higher reasons for these actions.

Many times in my own path’s adventures, actions are taken which might “make no sense” to some, but are part of a Higher plan, much of which is not “visible” to the “action-er”.


Message from Matthew 6-11-13

Turkey; Syria, other mid-eastern countries; China, USA; National Security Agency; Monsanto Protection Act; President Obama; negativity release; nuclear power facilities; nuclear weapons; Bilderberg conference; Canadian Defense Minister, ETs; Hatonn’s comments

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As we address the issues in which readers have expressed greatest interest, please keep in mind that the “negative” end…

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