New Earth Revolution ~ Cosmic weather report #7

Wake up call!

ImageDear Light Brothers of the New Earth, this Master Juliano speaking from the Light of the Most Radiant One. It is a wonderful time and it’s now the moment to realize that. You have to stand up and claim your right as a Human Being: the right to really live and experience the joy and abundance of Mother Gaia. Nobody owns Her and everyone has the equal right to be on Her. It ‘s really apocalypse now, at this present moment. The fire is burning everywhere and not only on the outside, but foremost in your inner world. The old has to be replaced by the New. But that’s only possible when you allow it, you really want it, you really accept it. Be the change you want to be my Beloved Ones.

We also know that you are tired of the long journey and that there is almost no energy left inside of you all. Realise that that’s the energy of your old body. The energy in your new body – your Light Body -is more alive than ever. Reach out to it and feel your Oneness with it. By doing this you revitalise your physical body and feed it with the energy that is infinite. Another part of your body that has been long forgotten is your Crystalline Body. It’s the most refined part of your physical body: that part of your body that bears the Christ-consciousness. Ask your Guides, Masters and Angels to become more consciousness of your Crystalline Body. It helps you to wake up: not only mentally, but also physically. We need you Beloved Ones. Because in you we see the New Earth arisen. So Be in Love. Be in Joy. Be in God. Adonai!

In Love & Light,

Master Juliano (the Arcturians)

Channeling by SanLeoSol

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