Week Meditation: Lord Ashtar #591

Lord Ashtar
To Begin Monday, June 10, 2013

ashtar06Greetings! Ashtar here once again. As we spoke about last week, there are many changes going on as Earth continues to shake free of some of the denser energies upon her surface. And as you may know, these changes, due in part to your sun, have caused an imbalance and a bit of a wobble with the earth’s axis and a moving, so to speak, with her North Pole. This has, in turn, brought about some
challenges to many of the earth’s lifeforms that are other than in human form. So it is with these grids, to which you as well as the earth are connected, namely the animal and plant kingdoms as well as the electromagnetic grid that
surrounds the earth that you are being asked to focus on in the coming meditation. These beings are not here for their own evolvement, but rather for the support of earth and mankind’s ascension; so along with the sending of Love to each of them, we suggest you add to that the energy of Gratitude for all they
do and have done.

For the first five minutes of this meditation the Eagles are asked to send the
energy of Love to the vegetation on your planet that make up the plant kingdom.
With the change in earth’s position relative to your sun, the normal growth
cycles of the vegetation have been changed.

For the next five minutes, you are asked to send the energy of Love to those of
the animal kingdom that make their habitat within the waters of earth. With the
change in the magnetics of earth, the migratory patterns of some of the sea
creatures have been disrupted, causing them to become confused, beaching
themselves, or ending up in waters where they do not thrive as they should.
There are also many species of marine life that are newly arrived to planet
earth or have chosen to reappear on earth at this time, and the sending of Love
to these beings will make it that much easier for them to anchor into their new

Lastly, you are asked to send the energy of Love to the electromagnetic grid
surrounding your planet, helping to bring it back in Balance.

That’s it for this week. I leave you with my Love. I AM Ashtar.

Source: http://sanandaseagles.com/

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