New Earth Revolution: Cosmic Weather Report #6

The Movement of the Light

ImageDear Brothers & Sisters of Light this is Master Juliano speaking from the Light of the most Radiant One. The times they are changing and not only in our spheres anymore. It is NOW becoming visible for all people on Earth. Look at the mass demonstrations in Japan and Turkey. Look at the spastic ways the governments are trying to keep control over their vanishing power, and what do you think about the enormous increase in UFO sightings? The mass media tries to get that news away from you, but due to the power of social media you are now able to see the TRUTH in full light.

What can you expect in the months to follow? There will be more and more chaos. More protests from citizen all over the world; because they don’t want their governments and old belief systems anymore. More and more the truth will be revealed: people that used to have a hidden agenda will find their own inner Light and are now willing to share their secrets with the public. Due to that knowing the Movement of the Light will stand up as never before. Yes my Beloved Ones, you will see what your true power is. Not only within yourselves but also as one Human Race. You are witnessing the sunrise of the New Earth my Beloved Earthlings. You have waited long enough now. So share your excitement and start manifesting your true heritage: a new era of love, peace and abundance. Stay in contact with your heart space and pray, meditate or whatever you wish to activate the Higher Energies of Faith, Hope and Love. We are with you. We are One.

With Light & Love,

Master Juliano (The Arcturians)

Channeling by SanLeoSol

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