Week Meditation: Lord Ashtar #590

ImageGreetings. Ashtar here. The Eagles are being asked to continue working with the Human Grid during the next meditation. As we normally witness, in those that are not quite awakened, the more earth changes that transpire, the greater the fear in their hearts and minds. And there are many, many changes going on at present: floods, tornados, erratic weather patterns of all kinds and, of course, the inner changes that so many feel but can’t explain. These also cause fear. But I, Ashtar, assure you it is all necessary and all Divine. It is, for you the awakened ones, a matter of Trust: trust in the Divine Plan and trust in your Selves that all is proceeding as it should and that your world is not, as many believe, `out of control’ . It is most definitely under your control and that of Source. So let us work with the Human Grid and establish a gateway of Trust in the human heart and mind, thus lessening the power of fear.

After observing your pre-meditation protocol you are asked to pull from the God Grid*, through your intention to do so, the Divine Energies of Trust, Grace and Hope, letting them gather within your heart space. Then, for the entirety of this fifteen-minute meditation you are to send those energies, wrapped in the Love within your own heart, through the Human Grid and into the hearts and minds of all peoples upon your planet. Light up this Grid! Lighten up the hearts! Bring Grace, Hope and Trust that a New Dawn is, as you say, just around the corner. For so it is! I AM Ashtar.

* The Source/God Grid, as explained by Archangel Michael: “It is a Grid established by your conscious acknowledgment that `Something BIG’ is coming. You can’t quite describe it or put your finger on `what’ that `something’ IS; is but you feel it throughout every cell of your Being. That `something;, that Energy, that you feel to be coming is, my friends, quite simply `Creator’ or `God’, however you wish to express it. And so it is this Source Grid or God Grid to which you are connected, and it is your conscious connection to this grid that helps ease the integration of its Energies into the mass consciousness of Earth humanity.”

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