New Earth Revolution, Cosmic weather report #5

ImageDear Loved Ones this is Ashtar speaking in the name of the Galactic Federation. I am assisting my beloved friend Master Juliano in his weekly message because we’re heading to an important moment in human evolution. We’re standing on the threshold of a global shift in consciousness. At this particular moment lots of people already feel the energy that’s moving them into the New Time: a time of abundance and endless possibilities. These people feel that within now and very soon there will be a BIG SHIFT. From our perspective, that’s in the NOW.What’s important my Beloved Lightworkers that you start to feel that it’s happening at this particular moment. Feel it in every cell of your body. Feel it in your heart space and start to share your feeling with others. You don’t have to shout it. Just radiate your energy and BE the portal for the people you are connected with.

Yes my Beloved Ones. The times ahead are more beautiful than you can imagine. On the other hand there is still work to do on earth: the dark forces will resist till the very end. Most important: KNOW that your power is unlimited and expect the unexpected. You’re the LIGHT.

In the Love and Light of Mother Gaia. Adonai.

Lord Ashtar & Galactic Federation

Channeling by SanLeoSol

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