Archangel AzRaEl: the New Earth Era has begun

ImageHello my Beloved Earthlings this is AzRaEl  – the Archangel of Transformation – speaking with a message of Light to you all. The light has never shine brighter than Now and it will keep shining. As a result you see the shadow of the dark forces grow bigger than ever. There is no other way because in your third-dimensional reality this is how it works. There is dark and there is light, which are complementary forces. The dark helps the light grow stronger. If you look at yourself at this present moment; you see you can’t have a hidden agenda for yourself anymore. The big energies that are working through you keep confronting you till you will shine your own inner light on it. At that point the dark transforms in a part of your Light Being. It’s all energy and consciousness where we’re talking about. It is a balance game you can start liking to play. The more you let go the easier it will be and after the ‘fight’ there is always a gift for you waiting.

Also on a global level you see that the shadow forces show their selves in their true nature. There is no government, no multinational, no secret society or other threat to TRUTH that can operate without showing their shadow. And that’s good news because it wakes people up. It’s time for action: it’s your world, your future, it’s time for you to start co-creating. The New Earth era has begun my Beloved Friends and you are part of it. Enjoy your process! Keep your head up! You ARE the LIGHT! Adonai!

In Light & Love,

Archangel AzRaEl

Channeling by SanLeoSol

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