New Earth Revolution: Cosmic Weather Report #4

arcDear Souls of the New Earth Era this is Juliano speaking in the Light of the Most Radiant One. Today I want to talk with you about good and bad and the dark forces that are at work on your planet. From our perspective this is just creation in progress, but for you my dear souls it’s a reality that is difficult not to attach to. I want to give you some insight by talking about it in the sense of vibration. Since all creation is vibration, and becoming more conscious, is becoming more vibrant. You can alter the way the dark energy manifests in you, just by seeing it from an higher perspective: when you shine your inner light on the dark spots in your being, you automatically raise your vibration. This is the case if we talk about it on a personal level. If you look at the world as a whole the same process is at stake. Some people are so attached to the material world that that’s the only thing that matters to them. Others are so driven by their wish to be in power that they form a bond with the Luciferian Forces (e.g. Illuminati).

How can you raise your vibration and transform yourself into Beings of Light? Just by creating a Holy space in your heart my Beloved Ones. By nurturing your own heart space you become an earth vessel for the higher energies of the Universe. This is the place where you make contact with your own Higher Being and your Fellow Human Beings. So keep in mind that you are One my Beloved Souls: One with Christ, One with the Most Radiant One. So go in peace and shine your Light into the world. The Dark Forces have already lost: they are just fighting till death! Be in Light, Be in Love,

 Master Juliano (The Arcturians)

Channeling by SanLeoSol

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