New Earth Revolution: cosmic weather report #2

Image“The cosmic weather is made of all things in the Universe. All things play an important role. So do you my Beloved Human Beings.”

 A wish you a wonderful day my Beloved Ones. This IS Juliano speaking in the Light and Love of the Most Radiant One. Today I want to talk about the connection with your Beloved Mother Gaia and the importance of being grounded. The main reason that we’re here is because of her and your Ascension: you can’t see both things separately. The danger of talking about disclosure is that people are starting to rely on that, and in this one-sided relying they forget themselves and their part in the whole process. You ARE the Ascension of the Earth. So let’s start talking about grounding. You can see grounding on different levels but one of the first steps is feeling your own body. By acknowledging your own body you start to feel what it means to be alive, by feeling alive you can make a living connection with the earth: YES Mother Gaia I want to connect with you and be part of your Holy process. The next step is to open your heart. Not only for the planet, but also for all living beings on this planet: birds, flowers, human beings, stones, the sea and the air. By seeing the spirit in everything you make yourself alive. This is a way to make a living connection with the Earth and yourself. We -the Arcturians – know how to feel connected with Mother Gaia. We have been here for ages. We are not coming here to save you, just to teach you, and help you. Make yourself part of it: you’re your own saviours. Everything you want is already in you, you just have to remember it!

I greet you in Joy and Love, Adonai!

Master Juliano (the Arcturians)

Channeling by San LeoSol

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