New Earth Revolution: cosmic weather report #3

ImageMy dear friends this is Master Juliano speaking from the Mothership Athena in the Light of the New Earth. It’s time to speak about the New Earth Revolution. Because things will change more rapidly then you can imagine. Everything that’s not aligned to the new 5th-dimensional grid will leave the planet. The existing unfair system will be replaced by a new and fair system that serves everyone on earth. The political leaders that secretly promote the military industrial complex will be brought to justice. The Earth polluting energies will be replaced by free and unlimited energy sources. The old isn’t working any longer: enough is enough.

The change I’m talking about will not be a soft one. The old forces will not give up out of free will, and fight till the end. Yes my dear ones, what has to be has to be. The people with their eyes wide open already see the polarizing effects of the new against the old. But every day the Light forces grow stronger and the mass consciousness grid has almost reached its critical point. At this point the next step in the New Earth Revolution takes place. These are the stages I’m talking about:

1) THE ENDPLAY: old forces vs The New Light (this is the NOW)

2) DISCLOSURE: no more hidden agenda’s. History of alien contact and the TRUTH about human nature will be revealed to the public.

3) The Second Coming of Christ: global awakening of the Christ Consciousness in all people on Earth

4) Co-creating of the new Earth (a process that has already started)

This, my Beloved Ones, is where we’re headed. There is no way back. Be in Joy! Be One! Adonai!

In Love and Light,

Master Juliano (the Arcturians)

Channelling by San LeoSol

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